About Us

Michael Pool & Roxanne Eck have worked together for over 12 years as a song writing team and have written over 30 songs together.   Both have been working in music most of their lives and continue to have a strong passion for music.  We currently have 2 CDs for sale or download on our website. PoolEck Music also has a large catalog of songs that will be availble soon for sale to other artists.  Clips of these songs will be available as well on our website soon. 

We both grew up in Southern Arizona, Mike played in various bands in his teenage years and later 20s.  One of his bands released three songs all of which received radio play in the United States and Europe.   One of those songs earned him a nomination for Indie Duo Group of the Year from the European Golden Music Awards. 

Roxanne worked in Los Angeles in several projects, recording in several of the top studios in LA and also worked with established musicians and recording engineers.  She studied vocals under some of the top vocal coaches such as Lisa Popeil and Seth Riggs.  After moving back to Arizona she was introduced to Mike by a mutual friend and they began work on thier first project together. 

They continue to write and record, and hope to play a part in bringing the craft back into the art of musical inspiration and touching of the human spirit!